Many number of the plant species including Cocculus hirsutus L. is being used as the sources of herbal
medicine. Present work was mainly focused with the identification of the therapeutic properties of
C. hirsutus L. leaf extracts. The leaf extracts of methanol, aqueous, chloroform, and benzene showed
solvent dependent qualitative and quantitative phytochemical presence as well as antimicrobial activity.
Whereas the leaf extracts of methanol and chloroform showed significantly high antimicrobial activity
than water and benzene extracts. Further methanol leaf extract of C. hirsutus performed to liquid
chromato y-mass spectroscopy (LC-MS) for identification of active antimicrobial compound structure.
LC-MS studies give 26 structural compounds. Docking (annotating) studies revealed that among 26
compounds the Compound-5 (Hexadecanoic acid - (1R, 2R, 3S, 4R, 6S)-4, 6-diamino-2, 3-dihydroxy
cyclohexyl 2,6-diamino-2,6-dideoxy-α-D-glucopyranoside) showed highest docking fitness score with
the bacterial membrane protein sortase-A. Our data suggest that methanol extract of C. hirsutus leaf
possess medicinally significant antimicrobial compounds and thus justify the use of this leaf as folklore
medicine for preventing human microbial related diseases.