The present study was aimed to evaluate the growth performance in terms of average body weight, specific growth rate and total fish production of these fishes for one year, a polyculture experiment was carried out on the Rohu (Labeo rohita Ham.), Catla (Catla catla Ham.) and Common carp (Cyprinus carpio Ham). The ponds were supplemented with 0.2 g N/100 g body weight fertilizer and supplementary feed, the sources of which were different. The treatments were cow manure, nitrophos, cow manure + nitrophos, cow manure + supplementary feed, nitrophos + supplementary feed and cow manure + nitrophos + supplementary feed. The highest gross fish production of all the fishes was recorded as 3001 kg ha-1 year-1 in cow manure + nitrophos + supplementary feed amongst the treatments. Thus for getting optimal fish production the fertilization of pond with supplementary feed is recommended.