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B R Nahata Smriti Sansthan International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Archive (IJPBA) with ISSN: 2582-6050(Online) is an international Referred and Peer Reviewed Online and print Journal published by B.R. Nahata Smriti Sansthan for the enhancement of research and extension in Pharmaceutical and Biological discipline.  

Our journal is a quarterly journal and   publishes four issues per year. The management of journal handling everything unbiased and maintains qualification of journal. The journal publishes original reviews, original research articles, and short communications. The scope of the journal is to meet the need of sciences and pharmacy. It is essential that authors prepare their manuscripts according to established specifications. Failure to follow them may result in papers being delayed or rejected. Therefore, contributors are strongly encouraged to read these instructions carefully before preparing a manuscript for submission. The manuscripts should be checked carefully for grammatical errors. All papers are subjected to peer review. Manuscripts could be submitted online from

The character of the publications:

Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Biological, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Discovery of novel bioactive chemicals from natural sources (including herbal medicines, marine organisms, and microorganisms), Structural modification of bioactive natural products and structure-activity relationship studies, Quality control of herbal medicines, Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, toxicity, and clinical studies of natural products and herbal medicines, Biosynthesis and biocatalysis of natural products, Scientific Biology includes Anatomy, Microbiology, Morphology, Taxonomy, Toxicology, Chemistry includes Analytical chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Spectroscopy and Medicine includes Diabetology, Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Scientific disciplines, Toxicology and many other related fields..

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