Ficus krishnae also known as “Makkhankathor” belongs to family Moraceae and is reported to be highly
medicinal in India. As a folk medicine, the plant is used in treatment of broad range of diseases and
disorders. In the present study the methanol and aqueous extracts of Ficus krishnae was evaluated for its
total phenolic, Flavonoid content, in vitro anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging activity of Ficus
krishnae. Invitro anti-inflammatory activity by inhibition of protein denaturation method and antioxidant
potential of extract was carried out by free radical scavenging activity using 2, 2 diphenyl 1-picryl
hydrazyl (DPPH), ABTS radical scavenging activity, reducing power assay and phosphomolybdenum
assay by using ascorbic acid and BHT as reference standards. Total phenol and flavonoid content of
methanol extracts found to be 0.34mg/g and 0.60mg/g. whereas aqueous extract was to be 0.14mg/g and
0.10mg/g. Invitro anti-inflammatory study of polar solvent extracts has showed that the crude methanol
extract of F.krishnae is a potential source of natural inhibition of protein denaturation and antioxidants
this justified its uses in folkloric medicine.