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I, M. A. Naidu, Editor of IJPBA, welcome and congratulate researchers of pharmacy and science to the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Achieves (IJPBA). I wish to extend my gratitude to the Acquisition Editors and the members of the Editorial Board as they are the backbone of this scientific endeavor. IJPBA is an official journal running by esteemed trust B.R.Nahata Smriti Samsthan, Mandsaur, an educational hub of India.

Every scientific discipline builds on the past: new ideas invariably appear from the analysis, synthesis, and repudiation of prior work. Even an innovator like Sir Isaac Newton wrote to Robert Hooke on 15 February 1676: “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” A necessary prerequisite for building on the past is for the body of archival work to be of the highest possible quality. Work that enters the communal memory should have no errors that either that the authors are aware of, or that can be rectified by careful peer review. Of course, no process can hope to eliminate errors altogether, but archival work should be free from errors that can be avoided with reasonable care.

The International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Archive (IJPBA) is an open access journal that provides rapid publication (bi monthly) of articles in all areas of Pharmaceutical and Biological Science. I believe we will be publishing a significant number of high-quality original research article and scientific reviews from authors around the world. The Journal invites manuscripts in the areas of Pharmacy, Biology, molecular and biochemical research – a broad-based theme that should appeal to the largest possible audience interested in this subject. We especially welcome clinical case studies and research papers from those areas of the world where invention is a significant public health issue. Authors are encouraged to submit complete unpublished and original works, which are not under review in any other journals .

Exploration of knowledge has made scientists famous. So exploration of your work to the world not only makes you famous but also creates a spark in the flourishing scientists, nourishes the researchers and furnishes the science of art. IJPBA provides you the platform, with a warning board of "Restricted Area: Science and Pharmacy Profession only", to explore your research work.

I look forward to a successful first year as Editor-in-Chief and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have that would improve the Journal.


M.A. Naidu 
M. Pharm, (Ph. D.) 
Reader & HOD of Pharmaceutics

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