Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry of Leaves of Tephrosia uniflora


  • H. C. Sahana



The need for and significance of pharmacognostic analysis of leaf extracts of Tephrosia uniflora are discussed in the current research. The various extracts like petroleum ether, chloroform, alcohol, and aqueous leaf extracts of T. uniflora were prepared and studied for their organoleptic characteristics, macroscopic, powder microscopic, physicochemical analysis, phytochemical analysis, and fluorescence analysis of T. uniflora. The physicochemical evaluation shows that loss on drying was found to be 0.14% w/w, total ash value was 6.94% w/w, acid insoluble ash value was 3.16%w/w, and the extractive value of petroleum ether extract was 3.2% w/w. Chloroform extracts were found to be 3.9% w/alcohol extracts was found to be 4% w/aqueous extracts were found to be 4.8% w/Phytochemical analysis shows the presence of carbohydrates, phenols, flavonoids, alkaloids, and tannins. These are just a few of the parameters that need to be evaluated for a pharmacognostic study of T. uniflora.


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Sahana, H. C. . (2023). Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry of Leaves of Tephrosia uniflora. International Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biological Archive, 14(02).